Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Grumman 78 - HQ - 2013

It was our first visit to the Grumman headquarters and it surely didn't disappoint. It is a very hip & cool, industrial-cozy spot to dine. The food is excellent - full of freshness, richness and of course heat if you so desire. We had a few openers that were wonderful - the waiters are great a recommending what works well together, so I am not too sure of the names, but there was salmon, fresh herbs, mayo based dressings and crunch after crunch of goodness. Our main was four soft shell tacos with a sweet, slow cooked pork and topped with an excellent slaw; a splash or two of hot sauce. Great time, great food - get there! and be sure to check out their food truck at all the hot and happening Montreal festivals.

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