Monday, February 11, 2013

Forever in Pursuit - 2013

Occasionally I go to visit a friend simply named Bossfry for a soiree of fine wines and delicious foods; this past session we decided to make poutine and burgers - a man's delight! 
However, we wanted it to be a bit different yet professional, so...

We made fresh onion rings with a bit of club soda, flour and bread crumbs - fried at 365. These little beauties would top our burgers.

Inside the patties we put capers, dijon, garlic, thai red curry, one egg, bread crumbs, cumin and S&P

We made a sweet / white potato mix for our poutine topped with shavings of parmesan cheese and a quick chicken based gravy.

The Boss manning the hot oil.

Simple yet totally outstanding taste, with the cheese, the sweet from the sweet potatoes and the rich hot gravy - yum time!

The burgers were stacked high, with tomatoes, lettuce, onion rings, a spicy chutney, and the usual burger toppings as per the taste of the individual.

We discovered the optimal fry to be at 365 degrees - these fries were double fried, so 1st fry was at 325 degrees, then blasted for crunch at 365. Excellent fry or as the Boss refers, "the perfect fry"...
Nice Night!

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