Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Frugal Mom's Guide to Once a Month Cooking

Here's just a handful of the many comments about the recipes in the book:

"The Beef Fajita marinade was very simple to prepare and took about 5 minutes" - Judy

"We will definitely do the Mexican Beef Casserole again - it was easy to prepare as well as put together for dinner.  We all enjoyed it - there wasn't enough leftover to have for lunch the next day. I would say that tells how much we all liked it!" -Cindyloo

"The Stuffed Burger  Pockets were very easy to put together.  They were tasty and easy. -Julie

"The Family Sandwiches were a BIG hit.  They are delicious.  Very easy to make and had enough for everyone." -Keri

"The Crock Pot Beef was great!  Very easy recipe to follow and the whole house smelled great.  My kids ate every bite." -Keri

"We had this Sweet & Sour Chicken and it was yummy - everyone love it!  I do have to say that I had never made sweet & sour sauce from scratch before and this is delicious, quick, and easy!" -Lisa

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