Friday, January 4, 2013

The Epicurious Cookbook [2012]

Throughout Epicurious's 17-year history, we've worked hard to create the best digital recipe collection in the world. What has made our site even better is all of you—our passionate community—weighing in with your expert ratings, reviews, and tips. All of that creativity and expertise has been available on your computer, phone, tablet, printer, and even refrigerator, but it was never available in print, until now!
We're delighted to present this collection of over 250 of the best-loved, top-rated recipes from our collection of more than 200,000 recipes. We've added menu suggestions, gorgeous new photos from the renowned Ellen Silverman, and most importantly, the community's best tips and recipes. We divided the book into four seasons, and those chapters into courses, so that it reflects how we all really cook and eat. We hope it will become your cookbook bible, a tangible treasure to pass on to family and friends.

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