Monday, September 10, 2012

The Perfect Poutine - Part 1: The Origins [2012]

The Origins:

The origin of the Poutine dates back to the 1950s in Victoriaville, Que. The basic ingredients have not changed. Fries, curd cheese and gravy. Fast forward to the 90's and even MacDonalds gets on the bandwagon. There must something to this strange combination of basically unhealthy, artery clogging food that keeps growing beyond the Quebec border. Until now there were no scientific or technical papers available to identify the merits or calorific values of this junk food. Unfortunately, we all have a hidden desire to devour one with at least 1,000 calories that comes with it. 

The following recipe for serving a Perfect Poutine has been scientifically tested and proven. The ingredients are readily available, frying equipment is standard and any dumb short order cook can put it together. The real Secret is in Time & Temperature!

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