Monday, September 24, 2012

Simple Tomato Sauce - Part Two [2012]

The Outdoor markets are just teeming with fresh produce, especially tomatoes for dirty cheap. Get as many as you can!

Wash and dice... Some might want to remove skins; I leave the skins.

Beautiful pot with hot EVO. Cook off the garlic till the aroma is everywhere.

Glass of red helps the process.

Cool slowly... for many hours...

I took a few ladles for a pizza sauce. Added a bit of sugar, S&P, vinegar, fresh oregano and basil and blended the hell out of it, until smooth and wonderful.

Got a fresh ball a dough at the local pizzeria for a few bucks; added cheese, sauce, fresh cut tomatoes and voila - into a hot oven at 450.

Kids love to help with pies...

A simple sauce can be transformed into hundreds of dishes, once you have a good base everything tastes like magic.

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