Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Perfect Poutine - Part II: The Equipment [2012]

The Equipment:

A vital part of making a Perfect Poutine. A commercial gas or electric fryer should  have sufficient recovery capacity to maintain optimum oil temperature of 360F to 365F during frying cycle. Only vegetable shortening is recommended. This ideal frying temp. minimises oil absorption in the potato to <10% and internal temp. of >200F. A Hot Potato! Crispy outside, retains temp. to melt the cheese and minimises absorption of sauce. A fryer is only as good as the load it carries. At most, a half basket at a time. What's the rush? The holding time of a fried potato should not be more than 3 min. Better still - the potion should be mixed in with cheese and sauce without delay!
PS: Not recommended for home production but doable without burning house down!

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