Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Perfect Poutine - Part III [2012]

The Ingredients:

The Potato:
The first choice is the "frozen" western grown or Cavendish crinkle or 3/8 straight cut. The western cut contains less water and is meatier. The pre-cut frozen is the industry standard and assures better quality and consistancy. A single portion for a Perfect Poutine should not be more than 4oz.

The Cheese:
Any brand of curd cheese will do. But size of curnell is important. Not so large pieces that it will clump but small enough to sprinkle. Cheese should be at room temp.

The Sauce:
Your choice but check the ingredients for calories and other nasties. Don't drown the fries and cheese but enough to give the mixture a taste to die for. sauce should be poured at about 140F.

The Grande Final!
Now for mixing the perfect combination or your fired!

A) Load 4oz portion of frozen fries in a 365F fryer. Remove when crispy and golden. Allow  to drain, sprinkling of salt for flavour. Time:about 2:30 min.

B) Load 2oz of fries in a container. Add a sprinkling of cheese. Add hot sauce but not too much. Time: about 1 min.

C) Repeat B for second layer over the first. Time: about 1 min.

Practice makes perfect. If you follow this formula you cannot fail! But the trick is to serve customer within 5 minutes of ordering. (The downside is if the customer needs a fork and knife, you screwed up big time!) As a bonus, a 4oz. serving will contain about 500 calories of healthy combination of fries, cheese and sauce.

Let us know how you make out. You are now have gone from a dumb short order cook to a master Perfect Poutine Chef!

The Master

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